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 Welcome on our website! The "Gruppo Acquariofilo Salentino" (G.A.S.) is a cultural and non-profit organization which was founded on January 6, 2000. Gathering more than sixty members of the Salento area (Apulian region, South East of Italy) G.A.S is a forum of lively discussions about the "aquarium world". G.A.S aim consists in promoting knowledge relating to the aquarium and, more generally to aquatic habitats as a hobby. So far, we have been organizing monthly lectures by famous speakers, regular member meetings, and visits to museums and excursions to local aquatic biotopes. Inedited articles written by our members are also regularly released on our website. 

   Once a year, the Gruppo Acquariofilo Salentino organizes, in the city of Lecce, a three-day national event, known as the "Salento Acquari", displaying numerous aquaria representing the most important marine and freshwater biotopes of the Planet. Moreover, the Salento Acquari event hosts national competitions of tropical freshwater fishes. Thus, in 2003, with the support of several other associations, G.A.S organized successively Mediterranea Discus, the International Competition of the "king" of the aquarium, and the 1st National Contest of Show Guppy. More than 2500 people came to attend these events. Subsequently, more than 5000 people came from all over Italy and other parts of the World came in Lecce to attend the fourth edition of "Salento Acquari 2004"

  Finally, in 2005, there was an overhelming response from the public, participants at the contests and professional dealers that participated at the 5th edition of Salento Acquari hosting the 3rd edition of Mediterranea Discus (with participants from other European countries and Asia) and the 1st National Show Betta Contest. More that 30,000 people came from all over Italy, Europe and Asia to attend this new great event.

 The Gruppo Acquariofilo Salentino announces that the 4th edition of the International Discus Contest Mediterranea Discus  will be held in spring 2007. More detailed news will be published soon on this website!

   We invite you to contact us for any information you may need or question you may have about aquarium management, fishes, aquatic plants a.s.o. The contact details of our experts and their relevant area of practice can be found on our website under "Pronto Soccorso" ("Help"). Please do not hesitate to contact them even if you are not Italian! You will get relevant answers in English too! Keep in touch and long life to aquaria!